Our solutions

In the field of transportation, we strive not only to ensure the safe transport of grain, but also to optimize costs for our customers. We carefully select appropriate railcars, considering the type and volume of grain to be transported, thereby minimizing transport costs. We aim to make efficient use of the space in our railcars to maximize load capacity and minimize lost space. Our experienced team of logisticians constantly monitors market trends and innovations in the field of rail transport to adapt our services and find optimal solutions for the financial benefit of our customers. Furthermore, drawing on our extensive industry contacts and connections, we are able to negotiate competitive tariffs and work hard to find the best value solutions. Our cost-optimized approach allows our customers to save money while ensuring high-quality service and timely delivery.

Fully customized solutions, including:

  • Sales agent / sales representative for European customers
  • Development and implementation of an individual supply chain
  • Pick up of grain from your elevator in Ukraine and shipment to Poland
  • Border transshipment with our infrastructure for transshipment from broad-gauge railcars to narrow-gauge cars
  • Transit formalities and customs agent services
  • Transportation through Poland using: a). Polish grain carriers; b). Ukrainian grain railcars with Polish wheels; c). gondola railcars; d). containers for bulk (grain) cargo
  • Terminals in major Baltic Sea ports (storage and accumulation of grain)
  • Vessel loading and specialized FOB assistance
  • Ship chartering, ship agency
  • Financing of working capital

Conventional cargo transportation

During conventional cargo transport, we locate suitable railcars to ensure safe transport of grain.

Intermodal transportation

An innovative logistics solution that allows you to efficiently transport various goods simultaneously using different containers.

Intermodal transportation allows efficient use of space in containers, enabling the transport of a larger number of various goods in one train. This makes it possible to optimize cargo traffic, minimize lost space, and ensure the efficient use of available resources.

Due to the ability to transport a variety of goods in one train, intermodal transport leads to significant savings. Consolidating multiple cargoes in one vehicle helps reduce the freight component of operating costs.

Intermodal transportation allows you to transport goods without the need for reloading. This reduces downtime and delay, contributing to the faster delivery of goods to their destination.

Intermodal transport offers flexibility in the choice of departure and destination points, as trains can serve different railways, ports, and logistics centers. This, in turn, increases the coverage of supplies and makes it possible to reach remote regions that may be difficult for other modes of transport.

Forwarding services

We offer comprehensive services that free our customers from the burden of organizing and coordinating grain transportation.

Customs clearance services

Our customs clearance specialists provide professional support in the customs clearance process to ensure uninterrupted transport of grain in accordance with applicable law.

Our team is available from 07:00 – 22:00, Monday through Friday. We will be happy to answer your questions, provide detailed information about our services, and help you find the best solution for your business.